Announcing Our 2022 Red Dot Award-Winning Designs

Laurie Williamson

In 2022, IDM won four Red Dot awards for innovative product design. It takes great partnerships to create award-winning products, and all four of this year’s winning entries were created in partnership with Biamp, a leading provider of professional AV equipment, including conferencing, paging, and video products. IDM is grateful to our clients, designers and engineers for their ideas, input and efforts, all of which were essential in bringing the visions for these products to life. Without further ado, here are the winners:

Biamp NPX Paging Mic

The Biamp NPX Series is a new family of commercial paging stations. The modular design is factory configurable to allow 4 or 10 control panel buttons and either gooseneck or handheld mics. NPX paging stations can be installed for use in either tabletop or wall-mount modes with a removable foot, enabling correct ergonomics for both situations. The NPX Series has a clean, modern design and is built to withstand rigorous use in demanding business and commercial environments. The mics feature a push-to-talk button with status indication and a unique page latch button for hands-free paging. When on the table, the form visually lifts the mic station off the table for ease of use and access, but when installed on the wall, the generous curve on the top edge anchors it to the wall, giving it a feeling of solidity and dependability.

Biamp Vidi 250 Camera

Biamp's Vidi 250 Camera mounted on a tvBiamp's Vidi 250 Camera mounted on wall

The Vidi 250 is a wide-angle 4K camera designed for use with video conferencing systems. With a 120° field of view that allows everyone on the call to be seen, it is intended for use in huddle rooms and small to medium conferencing rooms. The main body is made from extruded aluminum, which gives the camera a sleek, undrafted appearance. This also enables minimal wall thickness, to maintain the smallest possible form factor. It uses auto framing technology to identify meeting participants and to adjust the focus and zoom to keep participants in view. With unique custom mounting solutions that suit a wide variety of situations, it can be either display-mounted or wall-mounted. The USB type C connector has a 90-degree to enable more compact mounting around flat screen displays. Featuring a clean and restrained design, the Vidi blends perfectly into the business environment, while exuding confidence and solidity through its use of crisp forms and premium materials.

Biamp Room Series Component Boxes

Biamp creates professional audiovisual solutions that enable great communication. With a diverse array of products, from sound masking systems to conference room audio and video, IDM developed a common architecture for the component boxes (controllers) that provide the signal processing, networking connections and compute power for various Biamp systems. The common architecture facilitates a diversity of functions and features while maintaining a strong and consistent design. The various sizes of component boxes can integrate active cooling or passive cooling through the top and bottom metal plates. While providing a distinct look, the piping of heat from high-performance internal components to the outside plates gives great thermal performance. The front of the systems is for user-accessible status and features, while the rear is designed to have swappable plates for factory configuration of a variety of connectors within a product line. The perforation pattern on the sides of the component boxes enables side-to-side airflow for cooling. The square footprint and red accent line that run around the product ties all of the products to a common Biamp brand look.

Biamp Desono™ EX Series Loudspeakers

Biamp Edge Speaker Black and White OptionsBiamp Edge Speakers with different mount options

The Desono EX Series is a sleek, modern line of high-quality, high-performance surface-mount loudspeakers for high-fidelity music or speech reinforcement. They have the strength and robustness features that are critical for installer professionals and have a clean, precise aesthetic to unify and harmonize with installed environments. They are designed for indoor and outdoor use, with two flexible mount options. The mounts are theft and tamper-resistant, reduce installation time, and allow multiple mounting orientations and locations.

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