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IDM is more than a product development firm. It’s an environment—one where the right products get made above all else. To maintain that focus on client success, it takes high-performing teams made up of leaders in their respective disciplines. That’s why IDM partners with a number of companies that excel in everything from research and strategy to prototyping and testing.

One of our most successful partnerships is the one we’ve built with Fahrenheit Design. “The Fahrenheit team shares our belief that product development is a fluid, dynamic practice,” says IDM founder Douglas Laube. “Each phase affects every other, and the end user is the focus and the driver behind every decision.”

Fahrenheit is widely recognized for their engaging and user-friendly designs. At the same time, they recognize the value of design in creating significant business outcomes. They understand how design not only affects a product’s appeal, but also impacts everything from engineering, manufacturing, and unit cost. It’s their balance of form and function that sets Fahrenheit apart.

Sometimes Fahrenheit brings IDM into a client relationship. This happened in the case of a Texas-based inventor of plasma energy solutions for air sterilization.

“At some point in the conversation,” says Fahrenheit principal Bryan Hunter, “it becomes apparent that a prospect is looking for a broader perspective and a holistic approach—including turn-key manufacturing and distribution. That’s when we’ll introduce IDM as our partner.”

Other times, IDM turns to Fahrenheit for full-service concept and design that elevates the user experience. When the CEO of AMX approached us about creating a category-defining control panel for conference rooms, we knew Fahrenheit would deliver.

“They never stopped pushing the limits,” says Doug. “In the end, we developed a product the industry had never seen—and successfully positioned AMX as a leader in AV controls for the conference room.”

“Our clients consider IDM an extension of their internal engineering or product development teams,” Doug explains. “and we see Fahrenheit as an extension of IDM.”

It takes a great deal of trust—and a certain degree of calculated risk—for clients to work with IDM and Fahrenheit in this way. Many times, it seems easier to job things out to subcontractors or simply go with a one-stop-shop. But the rewards—collaboration, fresh perspectives, healthy conflict, and accountability—far outweigh any perceived convenience.

For our clients, IDM + Fahrenheit adds up to the right answers to the right problems—and the best possible business outcomes.

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Picture of Anne Lewis
Anne Lewis
Quality Assurance

Anne likes things neat and tidy. As an avid gardener, she knows a pristine landscape doesn’t happen by chance—there’s always someone pruning, watering, and tending to the details. Anne is that person for IDM. “I shape things,” she says, “often behind the scenes, to make sure we deliver what we promise.”

At IDM, Anne works to “make excellence a habit” by overseeing our ISO certification program. She also helps cultivate a culture focused on customer satisfaction—whether that “customer” is internal or external. With her self-described “relentless smile” and what Frank Lloyd Wright calls “an unremitting devotion to the things you want to see happen,” Anne keeps us alert, on our toes, and bringing our very best each day. “I love working with bright people who are passionate about what they do,” she says.

When she’s not digging in the dirt, you might find Anne nurturing her love of reading at the local library.